Struggle and Love
Hanjiaxin Bao

Hanjiaxin Bao,

Your post reminded me of not only how much damage the school environment can create in students, but also how much opportunity there is for positivity and growth. My blog also briefly mentioned that students can have difficulty with self-identification when the school culture or the dynamics in the school doesn’t celebrate who they are. Knowing the the harmful effects that this can have on our students, educators have to really make the effort to make students of all backgrounds feel safe, and welcome in the classroom.

You also mentioned how language policy can have profound effects on education and the way schools function. This made me wonder what (if any) education policies are in place to protect students who may not be in dual-language programs or in diverse communities? I believe that all of us who are in dual-language schools and have studied language policy understand how damaging it can be if student’s individuality isn’t celebrated, but what about other schools and teachers that aren’t aware of this research and theories? I am interested in learning about how students in those communities feel and are treated.

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