The Loving Classroom
Yifan Min

In your post you mentioned that often, teachers may try to Americanize students, and that is their way to love their students. I think this brings up a very good point in the area of teacher preparation. In the bilingual credential program I was in I felt like I was very well prepared to work with a diverse group of students, and that I understood the importance of valuing different languages and cultures. However, now I wonder if the regular teacher credential program also does a great job at preparing teachers who value diversity. This may be the reason why some teachers may think they are being loving by Americanizing students.

The ideas that you brought up in your post have made me wonder about the experiences that students are having in non-bilingual schools, across the US- where they may be the only student of color in the classroom. My hope is that there are policies in place that support these students so that they don’t have to abandon who they are to become more “Americanized”.

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