Reflecting on Voice Your Language #VYL2017 and Multicultural Text
Ofelia Cortez


In your post, you quote Gee and Heyes regarding a problem of equity in our schools. It’s difficult enough that our students of color don’t see enough diversity in the characters in children literature, but now taking into account that income level also blocks out students from connecting to the literature is difficult to come to terms with. Being aware of this, I realize even more how important it is for teachers to truly get to know their students and the lives they live.

It’s very common to hear educators talk about the importance of selecting the most appropriate literature for students, but now I’m starting to realize that writing is also a very important tool. Through writing, students can express themselves and writing can provide a way for teachers to get to know their students better. Also, teachers can have students create their own stories to build that unity amongst students and teachers, while also celebrating individuality.

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