Description: In my third year of college we were asked to create an app from scratch. We were given complete freedom on the subject matter and purpose. This started with developing a concept, brand and wireframes, and resulted in a fully branded polished app that is responsive across phones, tablets and desktops.

Client: Self-directed (academic)

Category: Mobile/Web App Design

The App: During my brainstorming for this project I considered several concepts that stemmed from my personal interests; from pet-related apps to something about nature or travel. After not being satisfied with my initial concepts, I continued to brainstorm. I began…

Description: For my third-year editorial class we were given the opportunity to use the whole semester to create a self-directed magazine. With the ability to choose the subject matter, name, and types of departments and features, this project is a fully custom and presented the opportunity to exercise typography, layout and art direction skills.

Client: Self-directed (academic)

Category: Editorial

The Magazine: Because I am a freelance portrait photographer, I was immediately interested in developing a magazine that covered my style of photography. I wanted to create something that wasn’t purely a “how-to” but also felt like a photo gallery.


Description: During my second year of college, my corporate branding course required us to give an existing company a complete rebrand. The project began with developing a new logo, then building out a new identity for the company. We were then given the opportunity to extend the brand into appropriate marketing materials.

Client: Self-directed (academic)

Category: Branding

The Brand: My decision to rebrand M.A.C. Cosmetics was influenced by the disconnect I saw between their values and how they visually represented themselves. This company is built on inclusivity, being bold and pushing boundaries, and I wanted their brand to show that.

Stephanie Conner

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