Collective visioning and design conversations change culture
Daniel Christian Wahl

Hi, I really appreciate the intent of this piece highlighting the importance of inclusive, participatory visioning processes in the aim of evolving a truly regenerative cultural paradigm.

However I can’t help but counter-point with Nafeez Ahmed’s article I read yesterday around corporate / neoliberal (generally) actors appropriating the language of transformative visioning/process, completely undermining the substance and accountability that early proponents of culturally transformational processes (such as participatory visioning) hold dear.

This counterproductive dynamic is something that I have seen emerging on the horizon over the years, particularly in connection to the ‘Positivity’ mantra of methods such as Appreciative Inquiry, wherein anything real and negative to be discussed is poo-pooed as ‘bringing the positive energy down’.

This has caused me (as a critical realist with ecological ideals), even though I staked my future on transformational learning in Education for Sustainability (EfS) becoming my life’s work, to be reluctant to actually engage in this field. The unfortunate reality is that we have a corporate power-structure playing feel good games (and marketing themselves in this way) with no actual change~ if not a worsening~ of on the actions in global industry. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this.