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We hear it from everyone. From our parents, from our friends, from that little voice inside our heads that tell us, “We need to get off our phone.” That we’re a generation who walks around with our phones in our face, and our phone addiction is making it more and more difficult for us to connect.

So about a year ago, I decided to ditch social media. Not for those reasons (although I agree they are valid) but because I was doing a social media sweep that turned into a full-on purge. …

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Eight months was the longest I’d ever gone without social media. Well, I guess besides the first twelve years of my life when it barely existed. Every month or two, I would come up for air and re-download the Snapchat app, so I could log back in and see what other people were up to. Other than that, I took the hiatus as an opportunity to launch my editorial career. I could recommend this time-off for so many good reasons, but that would be another article. …

We live in a world where self-centeredness and self-consciousness are one in the same. Within those frames of mind, there’s little room for acceptance and discipline to thrive. So many of us want to succeed in the arts, a field created as an allowance of self-expression, but struggle because of the fear-based thoughts that cloud our judgement. In an effort to clear the air around those hindrances, I teamed up with beauty blogger, Keirys Peña, to discuss some of her strategies for staying focused and confident as she navigates her career.

Peña is a 23-year-old Latina who hails from the…

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You don’t need to choose between your job, your social life, and enough sleep. You need to practice balancing the three. That equilibrium begins with prioritizing each evenly, in order to maximize your overall performance. Here are some tips that’ll help you live your best life, whatever stage you might find yourself in.

1. Have something to look forward to throughout the week.

You can cut a tiresome work week into chunks by adding small pockets of entertainment throughout. Tuesdays would arguably be the worst day of the week if it weren’t for “This Is Us” on NBC. …

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Every company has a mission. And every person, a purpose. As kaleidoscopic beings, our purpose is recognized when reflection is weaved into the fabric of our experiences. When I started my undergraduate career, I had no idea I would get acclimated to a life six hours above the one I’d lived. I didn’t know I would make a home out of the library, or gain my voice in front of the Writing Department to which I majored. But seven years later, I was able to find and explore my purpose as I synthesized my experiences within it.

“As kaleidoscopic beings…

Stephanie Nieves

Personal empowerment enthusiast and dirty chai connoisseur writing to you from her mother’s plastic-covered couch. Words in FGRLS Club and Harness Community.

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