The Insomniac

He couldn’t sleep

His mind would not let him rest

It would roam from topic to topic,

Some alarming,

Some comforting.

Just as he would shut his eyes

His mind would throw a painful memory.

All brought up the familiar feeling

Of betrayal.


His once promising future,

Didn’t look so bright.

He thought of her,

How strong he would be for her,

How he would change for her.


Would she change too?

Would she be like the rest of them?

She would.

They all do.

He felt hot,



He needed to confront her.

How could she do that to him?

Now he has no reason to be strong.

Why be sober for someone

Who would hurt him

Like everyone else did?

He crept out of his dark room

Past his parent’s door

And into the bathroom.

He opened the medicine cabinet

Without looking at his reflection.

He hated himself

And soon,

She would too.

With a single gulp

He swallowed the pills.

Soon they would kick in,

And the Insomniac

Would win.