Presents I and II


People are like Presents

They are the best when new

But over time

They start to get old

You lose interest

Everyday since that warm day

In November,

I could feel him grow tired

Of me.

Our kisses became shorter

Our hands more often apart.

I could see the shine in his eyes

Fade when they saw me

A little more everyday.

Dinner became quiet.

My phone stopped buzzing.

I stood there


Watching him lose interest in me.

My bones ached

And my heart crumbled.


But I never lost interest.

Each day I fell deeper in love.

He was the first Present I ever got

I didn’t know

That people lose interest,

I certainly didn’t know

They lost it so fast.

And now

He’s the Present that I lost.

I miss him with my entire being

And I spend each day hoping he will come back.

But the thing with presents is,

Each time you get one

It’s better than the previous.