I received a phone call from the principal just now (and checked in with Cordelia). They school called in counselors to discuss – not the incident – not what the principal said – not what the teacher said – but about the newspaper article! Yes. The newspaper article. Reading from notes, the principal said everyone who wanted to was able to say what they felt. The kids are mad that Cordelia and I have ruined the school’s good name. Wow. What happened in school is not our fault. The board’s failure to follow their own policies is not our fault. I did not go public with names and details until I saw that it was being whitewashed, until I saw that kids were not helped. I did not overreact. Rape culture is alive and well when you tell kids to be quiet, to not talk about it, to normalize sexual assault.

The fact that help was brought in TODAY, the day the article came out feels like this whole thing has been planned, to make us look horrible, to deflect and blame. It is deflecting from the real issue that failures were made by THEM. They didn’t apologize. I was lied to about getting my daughter help. I was lied to about the boy not going back to class immediately, that they’d talk to the class first.

Yet, I’m the bad guy.

When the incident did come up, Cordelia AND OTHER GIRLS spoke about their fears from the incident, told them how they really felt.

Did the principal tell me THAT part of the conversation?

NO! She told me the class was mad about the article.

Cordelia and I discussed possible fallout from the article before we gave permission to the journalist. We knew it could blow up. What lessons are parents going to give to their children when they get home? I have no idea the level of lateral violence this is turning out to be.

The article did not say that The Boy physically held at least one girl against a wall and said how much he loved feeling powerful. The article did not give details of the blatant against best practice standards which were said to the class.

Yet, we are in the wrong for trying to get help for the class. Hurting people’s reputations? The schools? What about the girls who were taught 2 months ago that this is going to continue to happen, don’t talk about it, you could have stopped it if you told an adult sooner. What about those lessons which were given to 12 year old children?

I am livid. LIVID!!! I did not ask Cordelia to speak to the Board. On the contrary, I asked if it was something to look into. She said ok. When I said I got myself on the agenda, in half a second she asked if she could speak by herself.

If anyone thinks I put her up to any of this, you do not know my daughter at all. You can delete yourselves, thank you very much.

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