Analysis of George Michael Article

I chose this article because I am passionate about music and George Michael is one of my favorite artists. After his passing, many journalists have written articles about his accomplishments, personal life, music, and general life. I found this specific article on the New York Times website in the multimedia section. Here is a link to the article:

The purpose of this article is to inform people of George Michael’s death and any known details of his death, celebrate his accomplishments in music, and relay information about his life. The article does so by combining a photograph slideshow, text, and video.

The photograph slideshow appears at the very top of the article and is convenient for those who want to quickly discover the highlights of his career. The photographs are captured in a to-the-point manner and relevantly. It is chronological, which makes it easy for the viewer to follow the progression of his life and career.

The text is provided for viewers who want more detail regarding who George Michael was, how he felt, what he said, what others said about him, his personal life, and his career. The text is located between photographs and videos so it does not appear too dense or intimidating. The paragraphs are also fairly short which makes them easy to scan. The photographs and videos are mostly relevant to the text surrounding them. At times, the text is not entirely relevant to or in accordance with the photographs.

The videos provided are predominantly music videos, which is entirely appropriate for celebrating the life of a music artist. The viewer may watch the videos directly on the article and that is convenient for someone who would like to continue reading the article while listening to his music. There is also a fan video and this incorporates the raw pathos of George Michael’s mourning fans. One type of video I would have included is an interview that encompasses George Michael’s personality.

Overall, the elements work together cohesively to embrace and relay George Michael’s life. The article begins with the most sought out information about his death and goes into further detail about George himself as it progresses. The text is balanced with the videos and the photograph slideshow expands the highlights of his career with eleven still shots of pivotal moments.

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