When we focus on growth vs. thriving, we are creating a cookie-cutter business that doesn’t meet our needs as business owners, or the needs of our customers.

Grow vs. thrive

I had a conversation today about the word “thrive”, and it struck me like a fiery arrow right between the eyes. Here I’d been talking about how I help businesses grow, but what I really meant was thrive.

The definition of the word ‘thrive’ is “to grow or develop well or vigorously; to prosper or flourish”.

It is really what we seek to achieve when we create or acquire anything that has the…

“I’m so relieved because I no longer have to do this alone.”⠀

Photo by Caleb Frith on Unsplash

She had tears in her eyes as she blinked across the screen at me, half smiling and half wistful. The feeling of isolation had been so powerful, and such a great divide, that her relief at being seen, known and heard was palpable.

Her breathing slowed and her shoulders dropped ever so slightly to say “OK… I’m going to be OK”, and a single tear escaped

Because she knew she was no longer alone.

Climbing the hierarchy

Abraham Maslow created his Hierarchy of Needs long before the Internet. Even when we didn’t know how broadly we could connect, we knew we needed to…

Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash

Fear of success is a very real thing. And it’s one that probably prevents us from moving forward more than anything else, largely because we don’t recognize it as a common issue with owning a business.

But it’s as prevalent as any other roadblock, and we don’t yet have the language or the tools to identify it and deal with it.

Fear of Failure vs. Fear of Success

In the business world at least, we talk about the fear of failure all the time. (I have opinions on failure, but let’s stay focused here). Fear is a way for our brains to protect us, but it’s the…

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