Lauren Modery

I tried to do my part and warn as many people as I could who expressed an interest in tiny home living. It’s NOT fun, cute, or awesome. It effing sucks, is cramped, inconvenient, and tiresome. It also has health drawbacks in ways some folks never ever thought about. I know… I lived in a 350sqft of space with three other people (my husband and kids, who are now 14 & 15) and two cats for 7 years. LOL!! We did it out of necessity. We were in a 32ft Holiday Rambler RV. Was it ALL bad? No. We learned a lot about living small. It benefitted our family in ways that I cannot replicate in any other living situation. We learned respect big time of one another, space, and consideration. We bonded very tightly. But…we also got sick of tripping over each other, smelling each others farts with no where to run to,timing out private sexy time, looking for compromises from others for space, privacy, or otherwise. It’s good to experience for like, a year or a few months…but dont freakin’ sell everything you own and run off building one with expectations for yourself to live in, with kids, a spouse, and/or pets for years and years. You’ll regret the shit out of it. Trust me!!!!

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