A&E Networks Survey and Strategy

In order to see how A&E Networks was doing with television viewers, I conducted a survey, which 52 of my friends and family responded to.


18–25: 20

26–35: 5

35–50: 22

51+: 5

What is your favorite show on A&E?

18–25: Bates Motel

26–35: Bates Motel

35–50: 60 Days In and Leah Remini

51+: Storage Wars

What days and times do you typically watch television?

18–25: 75% said during the week after 8PM

26–35: 80% said during the week after 8PM

35–50: 52% said during the week after 8PM and 48% said on the weekends in the afternoon.

51+: 65% said during the week in the afternoon. 35% said during the week after 8PM.

What do you like to get from the shows you watch?

18–25: 90% said a good story

26–35: 75% said a good story, 25% said entertaining

35–50: 68% said a distraction from other things, 32% said entertaining

51+: 80% said a good story, 20% said entertaining

What is your favorite show on television?

18–25: Game Of Thrones, Empire, Westworld, Stranger Things, Master of None, Better Call Saul were a few

26–35: Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Gotham were a few

35–50: Big Little Lies, House of Cards, The Silicon Valley were a few

51+: Madam Secretary, and HGTV shows

What I gathered from this information:

18–25 and 26–35: Because Bates Motel was the primary show these categories watched, they are competing with many shows of the same genre, including Better Call Saul, which is also on at 10PM on Mondays.

35–50: 60 Days In and Leah Remini are competing with shows such as Daredevil and Bones, which are on Thursdays after 8PM.

51+: Storage Wars was watched mostly by this category, however, everyone of them said they recorded it. This definitely affects ratings, being that they are not watching the show on Wednesdays at 9PM, as scheduled. This show could perform better at an earlier time slot.

My Programming Strategy:

A&E needs more content similar to Bates Motel. Since the majority of the network’s viewers are in the 18–35 age range, it would help to create content that they are looking for. A&E would thrive with a more cohesive schedule, rather than shows that cater toward multiple demographics.

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