Why Do We Need Free Collage?

Why don’t you want free “collage”?

Let’s spend trillions for people to die.

Sending your brother off to lose a war,

And we don’t question this… why?

Why don’t you want a living wage?

Your grandpa didn’t have to work more than 1 job.

What’s wrong with taking a pay increase?

Instead of having to rob.

Why don’t you want access to health care?

You prefer medical bankrupting your already sick dad.

Making Big Pharma more powerful,

Billion dollar companies taking what little your family had.

Why aren’t you questioning our government?

For not protecting our Earth.

While your babies being born sicker,

And females are forced to give birth.

Why are you ok with the prison system?

It’s stacked against “the blacks”.

How soon until you’re arrested?

To see first hand how the deck is stacked.

Why do you believe the media?

They’re paid to tell you what to buy.

Do your research before you eat.

Don’t let them feed you lies.

Why don’t you want to feel love?

Why do we keep spreading hate?

Why don’t we see we’re all the same?

Before it’s too late.