Today being a transsexual or trans* is the endpoint for many gender variant people
The Trans Closet
Virginia Hall

Is your observation based on the large numbers of people who are obviously trans? I only met one such lady in the 80's but now there are hundreds if not thousands. I have met a fair few. Initially I was puzzled that trans femmes, (their appearance is stereotypically female – hair, clothes and makeup), could behave in stereotypical male ways, movements and mannerisms. They follow the typical path – undergo years of electrolysis and have GCS. Many of these ladies seemed not at all perturbed by their masculine voice. I don’t know the answer. I can only presume they tried to achieve their dreams but had to face personal limitations and learn to live with it. And of course gender variance is a vast spectrum. But I quickly found I loved them as brilliant, compassionate and wonderful human beings. They may be unconventional women but it is still possible to see them as women by simply opening our hearts and minds.

Having said that, in my experience the aim of many is still to transition to girlhood/womanhood as fully as can be achieved as resources and personal circumstances allow. Certainly more people are trans advocates than in your or my day as our numbers were way smaller then. This means that many people who could live stealth choose to be out and proud, transition in the workplace, are accepted by their family and are open when they need to be – a kind of selective stealth.

Is that a fair observation?

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