Pro-choice groups call on Vintners to join Repeal the 8th campaign

Press Statement:

Speaking following the success of the Vintners Federation of Ireland in advocating for a lifting of the ban on serving alcohol on Good Friday, a spokesperson for Dublin Pro-Choice Orla Ní hAoir called on them to lend their support to the Repeal the 8th Campaign.

Ms. Ní hAoir said;

“I heard some TD on the radio talking about the separation of church and state but then they played the Angelus after and the TDs went into the Dáil and said a prayer before proceedings so frankly, that’s horseshit.

“We recognise mens’ rights to have a pint on whatever day of the year they choose and the right of other men to serve them in their pubs. It isn’t acceptable in a democracy that people would be deprived of their right to a skin full of pints and a scrap on the way home. We respect their right to bodily autonomy even if that includes having the face dug off them outside Supermacs because they got lippy after too many double vodkas.

“The Vintners Federation and pub owners have been very vocal about the poor tourists who can’t get a drink in a Dublin pub on Good Friday, but we are asking them to consider the women who can’t go for a jar on Good Friday because they were up at 4am to get a flight to Liverpool for an illicit abortion. What about their right to a brandy in a pub beside their house after that?

“We believe it would serve the Vintners and publicans very well to support our campaign. In fairness, pregnant women tend not to drink, so why wouldn’t they support lifting a ban on abortion that would increase their valuable drinking time?

“Obviously this is an act of desperation on our part. We’ve been at this campaigning craic for decades now and haven’t been given a referendum, but if anyone has the connections and influence to get their way in Ireland it’s the publicans.

“There’s money to be made here lads and this is a modest enough proposal, so please support our campaign to repeal the 8th.”


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