An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Talia Jane, it’s time to be real. Let’s forget the fact that you would rather slam your boss online than look for a better opportunity for yourself– It was foolish for you to not act frugally and think economically when considering this position. There are many options other than living on your own completely. Not getting a roommate or simply renting a room from somewhere was foolish of you. Considering your income (which you fully accepted and were aware of), you should have thought this through completely– Is it a smart idea to rent my own apartment that’s 30 miles away from a job that only pays me minimum wage? Yes, this is a “dream” of yours, to work in the media. But there are other ways to go about this. Have you thought of carpooling? Taking the bus? I was getting $12/hr for a job in South Orange County that was 30 miles from my house (which I lived with family because I didn’t dare try to take on my own apartment) and I took the bus every morning. It was $5 a day. My colleague who was also broke carpooled with someone, that was also a cheaper solution. But inevitably, we decided to stop complaining, and go out and FIND a better opportunity. And it was out there.

No one held a gun to your head. San Fransisco is a VERY expensive place to live. That should have been a huge consideration. Start small. A small media company that will give you ACTUAL media experience is a good idea. And guess what? They’ll pay you more. It just won’t have a fancy name like “Yelp.” Sorry to break your heart. And FYI–The bigger the company, the harder it is to climb the latter. The more experience you have, however, the easy it will be to move up. A year in customer service before transferring to media is actually pretty good.

Also, employers don’t really like to see that you have a history of slamming your boss online, so I wouldn’t recommend doing that in the future.

A lot of people who are commenting like me are getting backlash for kicking someone when they are down–it’s because WE WERE DOWN and WE GOT OURSELVES BACK UP. We didn’t slam our bosses (publicly at least), and make excuses. We just looked for something better.

You also have chosen to write this publicly, so people shouldn't be surprised at the negative feedback. It’s a cold world out there. If only all our problems could go away by doing a simple social media rant. But in my opinion, posts like these are the reason why we millennials have a bad rep. Nonetheless, thanks for sharing, Talia Jane. I hope this advice works for you as it has for me. Keep your head up.

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