10 Gifts for Book Junkies

I don’t go anywhere, anywhere, without whatever book I’m currently reading. I just love feeling the weight in my bag and playing with the soft pages as I wait for the next chance to sneak a few minutes of reading in. But sometimes reading can be difficult and books can be cumbersome. Many people have switched to a digital reading format, such as the Kindle, for this vary reason. Light weight, easy to carry, easy to hold with a single hang, and you don’t have to worry about marking your page. My problem is that I have to keep the damn thing charged, and anyone who knows me knows I can’t keep my devises charged (my phones been dead for almost 3 days now). So I always have a hard copy book and am constantly looking for ways to make reading on the go, and at home, a bit more comfortable. Here are good gift option for book junkies like myself.

1) A Page holder.


I first saw this nifty gadget on the “item also bought” list on Amazon after a book-buying binge. Honestly, I thought it looked absolutely ridiculous and wondered why people can’t just suck it up. But then each time I pulled my book out I noticed how it is near impossible to do anything else that requires a hand, like drinking coffee, while reading a hefty book. I cringe when I see people folding the front half of the book over the back, bending the spine in ways book spines ought not be bent. A page holder was diffidently on my mind. So if someone you know is one for hard cover books consider a page holder. They are small, slip over the thumb, and can be carried in a purse or a pocket very easily.

2) A cool, but functional, bookmark.


Help your friends and family kick the habit of dog-earing their helpless books by gifting them a nifty bookmark. My go-to are ones that remind me of my most favorite books, like a Harry Potter themed bookmark. There are some really different bookmarks out there to buy, or you can just be creative and make whomever a heartfelt one. The Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark is a great option for kids who have school-required reading goals. Or you can get a bookmark that reminds the reader exactly what word they left off on. There are just so many options, but I guarantee a book junkie like me will always appreciate another bookmark. We can never have too many.

3) Prism glasses.


If you’re thinking these look really ridiculous, you and I are on the same page. I think my fiancé would scream and run away if he walked into the bedroom and saw me looking like my eyes have popped right out of their sockets. But this product is so simply wonderful. Who doesn’t love reading while lying in bed? And who enjoys a kinked neck? I want these in my purse, next to my bed, in my camping bag, in my beach bag — I just want to take a pair everywhere with me so I never have to sit uncomfortably while reading again.

4) Book pillow holder.


This is another great gift for lazy readers like me. The pillow book holder is cool because it doesn’t need to be on a flat surface AND it can double as a travel pillow. It’s the ultimate traveling bestie. Book holders in general are a real win for me, since I like doing things with my hands (typically using them to put food in my mouth) while I read. A book holder is a cheap and easy way to accomplish that, and the pillow holder just takes it to a whole new level of comfy.

5) Reading light clip.


Reading while camping is my most favorite time to read. I love lying on the roof of our 78’ Winnebago, feeling like I’m literally in the stars. Which is what I did when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released, except I was in the middle of a Walmart parking lot — but the point is, reading outside at night is very peaceful. A reading light clip is a must-have for travel readers. They are great for airplanes, buses, trains, reading outside, or simply reading in bed when your roommate is sleeping. My favorite one right now is the one I provided a link to. It’s rechargeable, has dimming options, and isn’t harmful to my eyes. I also like light clips that have extendable necks, since I use them in many different ways and versatility is good.

6) Point and Click Dictionary.


I haven’t tried this product, and I probably won’t get the chance to any time soon (I don’t have $300 to drop on a reading devise), but I think I could make really good use of this. This product actually has me extremely excited. I love that it’s small and there is no typing needed. It just scans the word and gives you a definition. There is even an audible option, so if you don’t know how to pronounce a word it will do that too. Possibly the coolest feature is the ability to translate. I love reading classics like Around the World in 80 Days, or The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, but I often times end up listening to these kinds of books simply because I can’t read all the French. Because of this, the translating and pronunciation options would be a big hit with me. I also really wish I had this when I was in grade school. I was almost held back in the third grade because I couldn’t read, so my mother bought me a dictionary and I carried it everywhere. Each time I got stuck on a word I went to the dictionary and tried to figure out what that word meant and how it’s pronounced. This was a really smart move for my mom, and it diffidently helped, but a devise like this would have made reading so much less painful. Also I would often times teach myself incorrectly how to pronounce words, so I still say things weird and have to Google the correct way to pronounce words while I’m reading. I can think of so many times and ways I’d use this. It’s a great product for anyone who struggles with reading.

7) Nap Massaging Bed Rest.


Brookstone and Amazon sells these awesome bed resting pillows that are great for lounge reading. They are currently selling for about $130, which is a pretty penny for sure. But this product could make a rocking gift for a real reading junkie. The one I want isn’t currently available — I don’t know if they’ve even started selling it yet — but it has some cool features. It’s a massaging pillow, which you can never go wrong with. The one I want, which is hyperlinked, also has a light so it can be used for nighttime reading, too. It has a cup holder, a little pocket — literally everything you need to tuck into a book all day.

8) Noise canceling headphones.

I’m a big supporter of audio books. I think they are a great way to help young kids get hooked on reading. Audio book are also a good option for road trips, children who can’t read independently yet, people who are vision impaired, or even busy people who have to spend the next two hours doing chores. Audio books allow us the ability to escape into a story while we are physically preoccupied. Noise canceling head phones are a big deal to audio book users like me who listen regularly. There’s anything from standard headphones, to earbuds, to wireless, but it’s the noise canceling that is the most important. I personally like the headphone style since having earbuds in for extended periods hurts my ears, but wireless is also a really fun option. A good pair can be a really, really, pretty penny, but if audio books is a big deal to someone, those pennies might be worth it.

9) A good tote for books and gadgets.


Having the ability to carry all of my little reading gadgets and books is super important when I travel. I hate throwing all of my books and gadgets into my regular travel bag. I always fear my shampoo or makeup will explode all over my reading materials and ruining them, so I make sure I have a tote that is dedicated specifically to my books. Since I put nothing other than my reading materials in it I know it’s always going to be clean and shampoo free. If you know how to sew, making a reading tote would be a fun gift. There are many different kinds of bags, so I’m not going to add a link. I will say that a deep tote with many inside pockets is a good place to start. A cute gift option would be a reading tote stocked with some good reading gadgets (a light clip, bookmarks, mini pillow, etc.) and some new books.

10) A gift card — Because too many books isn’t a thing.


whether it’s a gift card to Audible, Barns & Noble, or just Amazon, a well-stocked gift card could be a holy grail for readers. Books are sometimes really expensive, especially when you’re like me and are constantly reading and listening to books. I read/listened to 5 different books last month, which is a good chunk of money. Audible books can be upwards of $60 sometimes! So if you don’t know what to get your reading buddy for their birthday, or if they already have every reading gadget known to mankind, just go for a gift card. I promise they won’t be disappointed.

The right gadgets and a comfy place to relax can really make a reader a happy person. There are so many cool reading tools that I’m sure all reading junkies wish they had. The internet is packed full of, unique, sometimes strange, gifts for readers of all ages.