In 2019, I Will Move From Writing Reported News To Writing Opinion Pieces

Stephanie C. Odili
Dec 27, 2018 · 1 min read

Thrice a week since the 20th of September 2018, I have written articles on current news happening in Nigeria. I wrote news about Nigerian politics, children affairs and education, Nigerian literature and women affairs.

Over time, I grew as a reporter and developed a niche I was particular about—Feminism, equal right for women and a child’s right to basic education. So, I have decided to write more on these topics.

In 2019, I will be breaking down common topics surrounding the rights of women. In the meantime, drop all questions you may have about feminism and the problem of the growing number of out of school children.

I am really excited for all the articles I will be writing in 2019. I hope you will be too.

Thank you to all my followers and readers so far. I hope that in this new year, you are even more inspired as well as educated from my opinion pieces.

Have a lovely weekend.

Stephanie C. Odili

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