What To Expect

Stephanie C. Odili
Sep 21, 2018 · 1 min read

Yesterday, I opened a medium account- this medium account. It was created to serve as a platform for me to share news summaries; current, relatable, and untainted news. I also decided to focus on five areas, for now. It would eventually reduce as I gradually discover my most preferred niche.

With that being said, this news medium is going to be posting:

  1. Strictly news about Nigeria and Nigerians.
  2. News, opinions and events.
  3. News three times week.
  4. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  5. News articles in the evenings. (This is to ensure that enough research has been done as regards the authenticity of news being released).
  6. News on Mondays, strictly based on Nigerian Politics & Nation Building.
  7. News on Wednesdays, strictly based on Women Affairs/Women Rights.
  8. News on Fridays, strictly based on Education and Nigerian Literature

Basically, as from next week Monday, be expectant of news concerning the Nigerian political scene and updates on Nation Building.

Follow this page and stay tuned!

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Novelist, poet, and editor. Purchase my books here—http://stephanieodili.com/books/

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