Disorder or not?


psychology : relating to or having a mental illness that involves repeating actions or thinking about certain things too much.

Well, I have no medical proof that I have this as a "disorder", but I'm curious too.

Here are some of the things I do or had done before.

Repeatitive checking of gas stove tank or propane tank (not sure what's it called) before going to bed and even if I'm already on my bed. I had the urge to get up and check, get up and check, get up and check. Just to make sure there's no gas leak, which means no chance of it blowing up and burn our house down.

Not just the tank. I also do the check on our fridge's door - to make sure it's closed, which means energy saved!

Bathroom and kitchen's water valve - why? every drop counts! Conserve water!

Door knobs and locks - safety purposes. To not get robbed or murdered by someone, of course!

There's also light switches (especially the one for the light bulb outside our house), and television plug.

Take note, I had to do them ALL every single night -simultaneously, for years. Not just checking once but around 3-5 times.

I got used to it but was seriously tiring. No choice! Or else I couldn't sleep.

At present, I’m not doing them anymore (yaaaay!) Not sure why, but gradually, it just stopped.

Or maybe not???

Just a few months ago, this hilarious obsessive compulsion started.

I repeatitively look up to check the ceiling for any lizard present. To make sure that I'm not below them (especially when I have food)

Why? Because who wants to eat food with lizard's poop!

I know it sounds ridiculous. My family think so too. But it makes me anxious if I don't.

I'm still trying to figure out how to stop this. Hopefully,voluntarily, it will in the near future.

More info about OCD here: