You are a cruel and narcissistic shell of a human.
Jonathan Daniel Brown

While I don’t condone any personal attacks by anyone from CTR, I was often accused of being from CTR during the primary, simply because I defended and supported Clinton. I was even threatened, repeatedly, by supposed Bernie supporters for offering counter arguments, even very civilly. I might be annoying bc I am good at arguing but I don’t verbally assault people. Honestly, I didn’t really see much of this supposed CTR behavior on my social media. However, I did, on a regular basis experience supposed Bernie supporters verbally assault me, calling me a cunt and telling me I deserved to be raped. Given the Bernie supporters I know (many), I wash shocked. But, now, I realize these were quite possibly Russian and/or Trump trolls.

So, what proof do you have that the offenders were CTR and not Russian? I certainly don’t have that proof about supposed Bernie supporters. I think you are having a hard time, like so many disappointed Bernie and Hillary supporters, of admitting you got played by Russian trolls and a few rabid Clinton supporters. It doesn’t suit your narrative, or mine, to admit that we were duped. However, if I can move on from the threats of physical violence (not easy) then maybe you can let go of your anger too. We are better off admitting the Russian propaganda machine is real and effective AND that some Bernie and HRC supporters willingly went along with it. These forces want us to hate each other. Let’s not. Let’s move forward with forgiveness and a common goal of resistance. Let’s at least try.

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