The Feet that Fill these Shoes

I love visiting all the feet that fill these shoes. Earlier this week I visited, and more shoes and feet were present than usual. A party! A party that was filled with a beautiful community of Syrians that has welcomed me into their homes and families. Together we have laughed, shared future plans, celebrated Thanksgiving, worked on homework, learned to drive, played games, moved, eaten, mourned, and shared dreams.

This week I lament. I lament the use of chemical weapons in war, and that men, women, and children are paying the price for this war. I lament the 7th year of a vicious civil war that has left most of its citizens displaced. I lament that tonight our country has chosen to add more carnage and violence to the situation with bombing. I lament that in the face of this week, I feel small and rather powerless when I read the news and watch the videos.

But then, I show up for these feet, for the bodies and hearts and souls that wear these shoes, and together we laugh and play and eat and work on homework, and I feel like my voice and my feet and my presence just might be enough.

There are 3 organizations in Dallas who resettle refugees, and they would love your volunteer help. Even more importantly, there are tons of families living right here in our city limits who are still feeling lost and would love your presence and friendship. Being with them is one of my favorite parts of my week.

Help by volunteering with 
International Rescue Committee @theirc 
Refugee Services of Texas @refugeeservicesoftexas 
Catholic Charities of Dallas @catholiccharitiesofdallas


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