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Stephanie Summers Atlanta

Stephanie Summers of Atlanta, Georgia, has had a long and illustrious career in international business, politics, and trade advocacy. A staple of the Jackson, Mississippi community for many years, she has taken her many talents and vast expertise to Atlanta, Georgia, where she continues to serve her public.

Early Life

Stephanie Summers of Atlanta was born just two states to the west in Jackson, Mississippi. She comes from a long line of successful businessmen and philanthropists.

One of her grandfathers, George W. Stutts, Sr., was the owner of the first producing oil wells in the entire state of Mississippi. He used his success as an oil tycoon and keen business acumen to grow his business empire and support his philanthropic work.

Her other grandfather, William James Summers, was also no stranger to the world of business and philanthropy. He was the owner of two successful companies, the Summers Hotel, and the Subway Lounge.

Inspired by the influence of her two grandfathers, Ms. Summers went on to have her very own career in the field of international business.


Stephanie Summers of Georgia began her interest in the political sphere relatively early in life. She was ready to make a difference in her community and begin building her political experience right after studying at .

She began her career as a congressional internship in 1987, where she acted as a congressional intern under Mike Espy, a member of the House of Representatives. This internship gave her a foundation for how she would approach U.S. politics for the rest of her life.

Seventeen years later, in 2004, Stephanie stepped back into the realm of politics. This time, she campaigned for a seat with the U.S. House of Representatives as a representative of the Republican Party in Mississippi’s District 2. Not only that, but she was also a delegate for the state of Mississippi at the Republican National Convention in 2004 and a co-chairman for the inauguration of Mississippi’s then-governor, Haley Barbour.

Her experience in the political arena has certainly helped Ms. Summers hone the skills she would later use to grow her business empire. While in Atlanta, Stephanie Summers would continue this brilliant legacy with her further business endeavors.

Stephanie Summers Atlanta
Stephanie Summers Atlanta

Business and Trade Advocacy

Summers started her business career in 1998 when she co-founded her company, Diversified Trade Company, LLC, with her then-husband. This company aimed to assist various enterprises, both foreign and domestic, to develop economically, increase their revenues, and acquire larger market shares all over the globe.

Her keen business acumen and professional success led her to international trade management and economic development opportunities worldwide. As a result, she has traveled and conducted business in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Africa, and throughout the U.S.

After establishing herself as a leader in her field, Stephanie Summers became a board member for a Washington D.C.-based trade advocacy organization, the Small Business Exporters Association. In this role, she worked with various financial and government institutions to improve conditions for small businesses based in the United States.

All of these experiences would later help Stephanie Summers in Atlanta as she continued her business career.

Public Speaking

While in Atlanta, Stephanie Summers became recognized in her various fields and communities as an authority on what she does. She has been asked to speak for several different organizations and events. Stephanie has gained a reputation as a skilled speaker who has mastered the art of motivation and inspiring people to ignite change in both business and philanthropy.

Her presentations at various conferences have covered various topics on which she is an expert, including market research applications, farm management, and business development.

The most notable of these speaking engagements is the USDA Agricultural Marketing Outreach conference, for which she has been a speaker several times. She was even published in the USDA’s 1999 training manual for this project for her notable work, “Market Information: How to Find It and Use It.”

Additionally, Stephanie Summers served as a delegate on behalf of a U.S. NGO at the 5th Ministerial Conference hosted by the World Trade Organization in 2003. The conference took place in Cancun, Mexico, adding to her worldly reputation.

Stephanie Summers Atlanta
Stephanie Summers Atlanta


Stephanie Summers of Atlanta has received several recognitions for her talents and contributions to the business and political realms. In 2004, the Mississippi Business Journal featured her as one of the top 50 most successful businesswomen in the entire state of Mississippi. Forbes magazine also recognized her status as a leading entrepreneur in her home state in January of 2011.

Stephanie Summers was also chosen to participate in the National Trade Education Tour in the year 2000 as a representative of her business, Diversified Trade Company, LLC. Summers worked alongside William Daley, who was once the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. She was one of only 30 delegates representing businesses at this prestigious event.

Stephanie Summers of Atlanta Georgia writes shares news about startups in various industries.