In which Steph is in her happy place

What I’ve Learned Recently


  • Biden’s perspective on policy is fundamentally more optimistic than Warren and Sanders’ — he cares more about the good that can come of making a deal and compromising, while Warren and Sanders are hardliners that are more focused on the bad that comes from letting the other side get what they want (Post debate special on the Ezra Klein Show)
  • On the same note about seeing situations from two different angles, the polarization we’re seeing between parties is driven in large part by the strong sense of identity that we draw from the political parties we’ve become aligned to: because we’ve become so much more tribalist recently, it’s hard for us to be rational: a perceived attack on your side is seen as an affront to your sense of self, while there’s much less interest in regulating people from your side, even if they’re acting egregiously. …

If I had to summarize 2019 in a nutshell, I’d characterize it as a year of uncertainty and indecision, uncharacteristic for me, a self-professed Type A planner that’s always been more obsessed with the future than the present.

Those that’ve followed these ramblings for awhile will be familiar with how my life follows a very predictable, cyclical pattern, where I tend to get super comfortable with a certain lifestyle, maximizing and optimizing it to its very limits, wringing out every modicum of productivity given my constraints. …

New year, new month, new me.

⛷ Doing

After ski trips this month and nine days on the slopes this season, it’s become pretty clear that I’ve got a thing for skiing. That hasn’t always been the case though: I remember my first ski weekend back in December, sitting in the lodge on my second consecutive day, toes freezing, limbs aching, and wondering if I’d imagined all the fun I had on the slopes last season. …


Stephanie Szeto

five, seven, and five: an attempt at capturing thoughts, memories, life

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