2016 Is Not Killing People
Judy Carter

Um, no shit, lady. No one actually believes that 2016 is killing people. But many fantastic artists we’ve admired and loved have died this year and we are expressing grief over the loss, so save the condescending comments about us being superstitious and let us grieve, okay? Furthermore, if you’ve paid a wink of attention to people who’ve expressed how truly awful 2016 has been, you’d realize it goes well beyond the artists we’ve lost. It extends to our loss of faith in humanity over having Donald Trump as our next President. And the many more losses this country and world will suffer with this narcissistic madman as the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Everyday the bar gets set lower and lower the insanity of his words and actions increase and he’s not even taken office yet. So perhaps your time would be better spent addressing the collective sense of loss and overall despair people feel rather than rather lecturing us on the dangers of drugs, as if we were somehow unaware.