My Boyfriend Gordon

I’m bad at grammar by the way. This picture is just a guy’s hand with bugles. I met him in November 2011 thanks to a old friend at the time. I always cringed when I heard people say “it was love at first sight” until it happened to me. I met him on Skype, I instantly locked eyes with him it was a feeling I never had before, I was 16. He lives in Northern Ireland, a town called Derry. It’s long distance and it truly made me into a emotional person but I think for the better. I never had someone I truly cared for expect my family of course. I was missing him so I sent him a package of American snacks he had never tried. I received a picture later on when he received it and I don’t know why but it made me so happy that he sent me a cute picture. It’s honestly stupid haha but being long distance sharing anything from your life and then seeing the person you love share something similar is in a way emotional. I hate long distance!

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