Why I love Florida

Not a story more of a list that everyone already knows

Number One: Greens

I love rural areas, lots of trees, and all that in between. Florida is not an old people state y’all! You have towns that are really southern and country. You have towns that look like the town “Stranger Things”. You have lots of green, just loads and loads of greens. For example, everywhere you go you will see palm trees, lots of lands, and come on the Everglades. No neighbors to bother you or complain. Yes please! The smell of trees and nature is refreshing everyday.

Number Two: Gators

Alligators! Growing up in Florida it was and is nothing scary seeing a gator on the road just soaking up the sun for energy. In elementary they even teach you what to do if you encounter a gator. I lived in Pahokee by Lake Okeechobee, so imagine how many of them are there. Unfortunately people kill them and eat them, pretty sad they’re beautiful animals. You don’t even have to go to the zoo or a sanctuary to see one, mostly likely you will for free. I say this is my favorite reason why I live in Florida, this was my childhood. I was always amazed by them.

Number Three: Sugar Cane

Growing up in South Florida which I grew up in Pahokee, Florida. Pahokee is a town with a population of 5,000 people(I swear it seems small). Muck City is where sugar cane is made because our muck grows anything. They burn hundreds of acres of sugar cane fields during the season, which starts in late October(fall-winter). It’s pretty harmful to the environment but it’s a lifestyle that is here forever. My favorite thing of sugar cane is when they start burning it and you will smell it throughout months. I encourage you to look up sugar cane in south Florida :) its very educational and a historic thing for us.

Number Four: Sunsets

It’s true when people say we vacation everyday! We have the beach 10 miles away from home and you will always catch a beautiful pink/purple sunset. This is something I cherish; the beauty of Florida sunsets. Although we have lots of crazies this makes up for all that. I don’t really have to list why I love sunset, everyone gets it. ;)

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