A Top 10 of Why My Kids Can’t Go To School Today

If you are a parent, I can assume that you would be able to add a plethora of reasons to this list on why your child says he can’t go to school today. It’s inevitable that every child spits out random, crazy excuses when they don’t want to do something. I’ve heard it all and I’d love to share with you, along with my responses. I never understood why my mom thought my excuses were funny until I became a mom.

  1. My waist hurts. ( You Are growing)
  2. What if I have to poo at school? (Then go)
  3. My toes hurts and so does my head (goes out and jumps on trampoline 5 minutes later.)
  4. I forgot to do my homework. ( Life sucks for you!)
  5. I can’t breathe today (breathes)
  6. I have slime in my hair! (Stop making it, that’s all you.)
  7. My teacher hates me. ( I’m sure she’s hated all of you at some point).
  8. I don’t have any clothes to wear. (I see a full closet?)
  9. What if I get in trouble? (What isn’t he telling me?)
  10. Brother doesn’t have to go. Why do I? ( Because I can’t imagine having 2 of you home today.)

These excuses are mild and the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their many reasons. My favorite excuse though was when my daughter was 6. She told me she couldn’t go to school because she had zits. (Slapped coverup on her perfect skin and sent her packing!) I looked at her weird and she looked at me. We both laughed.

What are some of your favorite excuses from your children?

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