Playing At Work; We All Do It

5 Everyday Things People Do at Work While They are Supposed to be Working

It’s no secret that in today’s age, technology rules the world. Before most children turn one year old, they have already been introduced to some sort of new technology. Whether it’s through a TV, a computer, a cell phone, or another type of devise, technology soars around us. It’s what keeps our fast paced world moving and our minds entertained. So while we use the technology to keep our businesses growing, it’s also our modern cosmos of entertainment. We are gluttons for laughs, tears, fear, and excitement; Below are 5 everyday things we’ve all been guilty of doing at work while we are supposed to be, umm, doing our jobs:

The Facebooker, Instagrammer, and Tweeter

Social media has shattered us lately and none of us are immune to the political uproar that has taken over our sanity. It’s everywhere! The negative comments, the funny memes poking fun at our worlds’ issues, the angry patrons, the protesters. It’s all very unsettling, yet a book of entertainment for those internet surfers. So, that’s what we do. We log on to our social media accounts, posting, following, liking, laughing, quoting, bitching, and sometimes, only sometimes, sharing something peaceful.

The Texter

Unfortunately, we are among a population of conservative communicators. I too, fall into this category. I hate talking on the phone, but I love to talk. So, texting has been the most conservative way of communicating for the past 7 years. It’s very impersonal, which makes it too easy to convey wrong messages. I guess for the more important matters we should definitely use the voice call, but it has to be really important. Like, really really important (oh, how I hate talking on the phone). We have all slipped into this era of texting. The grandparents do it too. We all text because it is easy. I bet you text at least once an hour while at work!

The Surfer

I am definitely guilty of surfing the internet for hours on end — not at my job of course (ha ha). There is too much information out there now. Too many stories that can entertain us forever. Most of us are an advertiser’s dream. Yep, I’m so easy to be the one to click on the “click bait.” After all, I love reading story after story. Plus, if you are searching for it, you can find it. Who hasn’t used webMD?

The Phone Talker

There are 2 different types of this individual; The Lovers and The Anti-Trusters. It’s usually the young lovers that are mushy, kissy kissy, calling their significant others every hour, expressing their love and dire need for one anther. BARF! Then there are the ones in the Anti-Trust group; They are the ones that are constantly paranoid that their partner is doing something wrong. BARF! The way I see it — don’t be the “phone talker.” It’s just gross all around.

The Gamer

This one need not be explained, said the Candy Crushers.

So, whatever category, if not all, you fall into, don’t just work your day, play it. We all do! It’s what keeps (our eyes open at work) technology truly alive.