Hi Stephanie,
Wendy Garrido

Hmm… I never thought of it like that. I guess there is a common label with flamboyant gay men. “Not afraid they’ll catch it” ….that’s bloody pitiful. Unfortunately, you’re too right.

For women, it is either butchy or lipstick. I’m actually guilty of being stereotypical to this because my best friend and, who also happens to be my roommate have been accused of lesbian relations ever since we’ve been in Charleston. I don’t know if they’ve never seen a comfortable friendship of 14 years that’s endured 4 states, 1 divorce, 1 engagement unraveling, 14 jobs, 4 deaths, countless heartbreaks, and a partridge in a peartree, but we get this label a LOT. And not even just from pervy guys wanted us to make-out. So, that’s where I added to the problem of this stereotyping because I usually respond, “Well who would be the lipstick?” Of course, that’s always a conversation piece while under some influence (tequila usually). So, guilty to adding to that. :/ I guess karma got me a little because I will NEVER forget one DJ’s response, “honey, don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.” Too appalled for a comeback, I should’ve had said, “then what are you doing buying drinks for a butch?”

I think there’s a great deal of power in you boldly demanding your identity like that. I could never pull off the side hair like that, so props! I love your perspective on that too. You’re very comfortable in your own skin and that’s admirable… I can’t always relate. Very cool — I’ll have to check it out (when I’m not at work)!