She Loved…

Starting off with excitement, yet no fairy tale was lived.. Lasting five long years was rather a learning of its own.. Maturing through all ties and bonds she lived through it gay and sad..

She loved, or so she thought; but never knew what it truly meant. Was it companionship or was it convenience, some may question but for her none did matter. With many breaks to fill, some be weeks and some be months, yet she held along..

There were many distractions that could have caught her heart, but for her none did matter as she thought she caught the star. Yet too immature when it began that she was blinded to what was real. The flying bees a time and hollow heart another; it was rather one roller coaster ride forever.

Families a blast, all she wanted was one forever, so she held strong to all what she thought did matter. With years catching on she realized it never was her plate, to enjoy or to own, so she had to let go..

With all ties ended, she suffered to see change which took place at the other end. It meant it was time for her to move on, but she still chose to love.. Distractions would still linger and she finally thought to give it a go, however only to see it fail as she did not know how to go with the flow. Stiff she became to the feeling of love, “she loved” could you say? I doubt that would be..

With few more years passing she finally found that spark, one body that would attract. The society would bring its norms and it made it all complicated. For she finally could taste the feeling of loneliness disappear, but not for too long as she lived through the social norms. She loved; not this time as she would not break her heart once more… She would stare from a distance of a love she would paint with such passionate colour. She wandered off to her own dream world where she loved.. she loved.. and loved..