Consistency of CS:GO players throughout 2016

I’m sorry mate. But Counter-Strike works a little difference- Of course math is in play but not about the consistency of frags but about consistency of alive teammates.

Lets me give you an example. A match is being played… one minute has passed. 
Would you win a 2on2? 
If you answered yes.. it is right, most 2on2 is 50/50 in a match.

Now…would you win a 1on3? The probability to win alone against 3 enemies is highly unlikely. From what I seen this is the situation ALL pro teams try to get to.

In most matches. Teams don’t try to Kill 5 enemies. They try to get a pick so the game turns into a 5on4 .. and then even that out to a 4on3 .. and 4on2 . The 4on2 mostly becomes a 3on1. Or a 3on2 becomes a 3on1.

In a 3on2 you can hold so many more angles and with decent teamplay always have a 2on2 situation when enemies try to reach a bombsite. As 3on2 you get one pick.. boom.. what happens. 3on1.

3on1 seems such an advantage. And 1on3 is such a struggle.

So the most important part of a match is when a team is 3on2.. Going 3on1 means in 85% times a certain victory. ..

But 2on2 is just 50% or even less.

This is how CounterStrike is played .. Since CS1.6 existed.

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