Your photos suck

Warning this is a rant.

I don’t care if you post a photo of something on Facebook or Instagram, but don’t post 1000s of them within one night. I don’t want to see your so called “art” that you claim. You even say these are for your photography class…

Dang… I feel bad for your teacher.

I don’t want to see your photos not leveled… Easy fix in post too! Now there is a difference with artist tilt, but these are so easy to level that they need to be tilt a few degrees.

Make sure the subject is in focus. Nothing is worse than seeing a subject is out of focus. Some would be interesting photos if they actually were not tilted worse than my aunt trying to take a photo.

Don’t post all the photos on your camera when they’re duplicates. Now this is a major problem with facebook people in general. Each photo is noticeable duplicate that are not needed.


Please don’t use flash on subjects that are trees and outside… that is complete blasphemy.

I don’t know what the heck I am looking at…

Please stop. We all want you to stop. If you stop posting all these photos facebook will be great again.