The Day I Finally Realized That If They Could Do It, I Could Do It, Too

“If I can do it, you can do it, too”. How often have you heard that sentence? Countless times? Me too! Motivational speakers, social media influencers, mentors, role models, writers, celebrities — they’ve all said it. And I never believed them, until recently.

2018 was the year that I “woke up”. I realized that I was chasing the wrong things and pursuing the wrong goals(as some of you might know, I was working a 9–5 job, doing my Executive MBA, and working on launching a start up — basically 18 hour work days). This reality check allowed me to be very specific in how I would adjust my life. If I wanted to create my own path, aka the road less traveled, it was going to take work and sacrifice. Work because there’s no such thing as an overnight success, and this wasn’t going to be any different. And sacrifice because certain things in my life would have to make room for new ones since they were no longer serving the “new” me.

At the end of 2018, after quitting my MBA, doing a 10-day silent retreat in Nepal, and running a full marathon, I decided to reflect on the year. I proceeded to set extremely clear goals for the year ahead, all with their own individual action plans (if you’re interested in my goal setting structure, I’m always happy to share). I had goals for every relevant category my life: family, friends, relationships, finances, spirituality, physical, mental, etc. Most goals would be the result of habits and discipline, and so I started addressing which habits would be most relevant to achieving my goals. Meditation, exercise, sleep, healthy eating, routine, focus and presence were going to my pillars of this internal revolution.

With that said, my 2019 went a little like this.

Goal 1
I had long thought of launching a podcast. I enjoyed quality conversation and always thought I could find a way to add value to listeners. I had enough of sitting on the idea and waiting to get started, so I got started. I wanted to launch a show that would provide people with the tools and actionable steps to become the best version of themselves. I would do this by bringing on experts in specific fields (meditation, exercise, sleep, diet, habits, look familiar?), in order to give the listeners the information they need to become their truest and best selves and leave with something they could directly implement in their life. I pitched the idea to a dear friend of mine who said he would love to help to get it done, and so we did. The Forever Student is currently wrapping up Season 1 and I envision myself in this space for as long as people will listen to me!

Lesson 1
The immediate lesson here is clear: START! Create a plan, have a goal, talk to the relevant people, and execute. We often have fantastic ideas, but they remain ideas unless you act on them. Dedicate an hour, or even 20 minutes a day to sculpting and building this idea into an executable plan. Along the way, I kept asking myself three questions: do I enjoy this? Do I think this will add value to someones life? Will people use this? Those, or maybe 2 out of 3, are pretty straightforward yet extremely relevant questions in almost any business you start — but please, start.

Goal 2
2019 was also the year I jumped from one 9–5 job to another 9–5 job. After almost taking the risk into the start-up life, I decided to play it safe. I had always dreamed of owning my own company, but I didn’t feel it was the right time. But not for long! Eight months later I was presented with a different opportunity. Two friends of mine had started a company in the sports industry (fewer things I’m more passionate about) and wanted me on board as part owner! I was honored, grateful, and borderline surprised to be approached, a and so I embraced the opportunity with open arms.

Lesson 2
This was one of the few times where an opportunity came my way and I didn’t discuss it with anyone. Why? Because whenever someone gives you advice, even if it is with the best possible intention, it is given through their lens, their experience, and their lessons. I knew I would get opinions and advice that supported and rejected this opportunity, so I went at it alone. I let the offer sink in for about a week, I went for runs looking for clarity, meditated looking for answers. At the end, I followed my gut. I knew that if I didn’t do this, I would regret it forever. I also knew that this was a risky opportunity. But so what? The worst case scenario’s in our heads are most likely never going to happen.Why waste life playing it safe and not being completely fulfilled? My gut, and no one else, told me to take this chance and so I went for it.

When I used to see people going for runs at 3 PM, working out of a cafe with a smile on their face, or having a late breakfast with a family or friend, I never knew that I, too, could create a life on my own terms.

But after a year of following a clear vision with discipline and value-adding habits, surrounding myself with the best possible people, and following my gut, I realized that if they could do it, I can do it too.



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