So Girl, Wushyo Type?

Well girl lemme tell you….

I’ont eem got one

Between being extremely shallow, I’m also not the kind of girl that necessarily has the luxury to say who I’m not finna date. #BeggarsCantBeChoosey So the door is wide open. Plus, in the words of my (now married) homegirl Shaun, “when’s the last time your type worked for you?”

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have an Ideal Black Man archetype though. Wanna see ‘em???

love of my life you are
baby come to me
i can be your easy, any time clothing optional girl
baby taste like glitter mixed with rock and roll
..and you can be my everyday, do it good man
i’d travel to the center of the earth just to please you
in the worst kinda way, i want you (ps — this is cree summer’s brother)
i wish i could be there | see you everyday | i don’t have to call you
I’m in love with the night | Yea he’s great for some fun | Yea he’s dope for my head | Oh he’s good for me yea
i wanna rock and roll your face off
i’m a…slaaaaaaaave for you
wrap up your drugs | come make me happy

::wipes drool from chin (and my chair)::

…but there’s a little problem with accessing the DMs of my IBM. Stay tuned for the plot twist later this week!