A Story on Paper

I usually use this space to talk about some observations that I do, focusing mainly on love. Today, I’ll try something different. I was told once that the best part of any love story is the conquest. Art of flirting, we may call it. And I totally agree. At least, it is the subject that I’m the most interested to talk about. But I also enjoy a very good humorous story. So, from now on, I’ll try to mix them both in this chronicles.

Yesterday, when I was going to work by bus, and looking through the window, I suddenly remembered a story that I was told. And since I had no ideas whatsoever to talk about in here, I decided to share it with you. However, let me just warn you, it won’t be the most amazing story you’ll hear — or read — this week, but I had quite a good time listening to it.

I used to date this young man for about four years then, and this one day, I was at his house, waiting for him to arrive from work. Until he did. And I must say that he was pissed off. He entered his room like a storm, looked at me and said “You can not believe what just happened to me.” with a very serious expression on his face. I got really worried about it, imagining all sorts of situations, but mainly, that he was robbed, or anything like that.

What happened?” I asked concerned. “I was at the bus stop” he explained, “waiting for the bus to come, and it took an eternity for it to arrive. And I was tired, so the only thing I didn’t want, it was to be bored.” And then he made a pause to observe his public. Which in this case, it was only me. So I answered “Well, you never want to be bored. Go on.”

Exactly. You know me very well” he said. “I never want to be bored. Like never” he emphasised the never part of the sentence a lot. At this point, I was more relaxed, because knowing him as I did — and still do — it wasn’t going to be anything serious or dangerous. “Ok, sweetie, go on.” I said.

So I got in” he continued “and sat comfortably in my usual seat. — the bus is never too crowded, so I can seat on my favorite chair every time.” And he looked at me, again, waiting for my reactions. Thus far I was taking him serious, but God knows he liked to put on a show. “Go ahead, for Christ sake.” I said wanting him to finish the story quickly, but I can’t lie, I was also very curious about it.

And then, I noticed this guy looking at me. And he looked really angry, you know? I started to think if I had done something wrong. He was wearing all black clothes and had this full beard.” As he was telling me, he walked around the room and moved his arms to give more intensity to the story. “ You got jealous about the beard, didn’t you?” I asked already knowing the answer. “A little bit, yeah. But my point is, I thought this guy was going to kick my ass the way he was looking at me.”

Oh my God! What could you possibly do to make this stranger angry?” I asked confused. “I know, right? That was exactly what I was thinking” he answered. “But I decided to let it go, and get some sleep.” Ok, as you may have noticed, I was all hooked up again, this guy knows how to tell a story, I have to admit. “And then I was there, minding my shit, until I felt something being thrown at me!” And he told this, going back to the same state of irritancy that he was before. “What?! What was it!” I exclaimed. I’m a bitch to mysteries. Don’t ever tell me one, I’ll never stop bothering you until I know what it is. “It was a paper ball” he said. “A paper ball?” I asked to be sure. “A paper ball.” He confirmed. “The motherfucker threw a paper ball at my head.” he concluded.

What?! Why?!” I asked understanding why he was pissed off. “Are you sure you didn’t do anything to him?” I said suspicious. “Positive” he answered “I opened my eyes, and looked at him, smiling and leaving the bus.” he told. “He was laughing at you?” I asked confused. “Nope. He was smiling. And that made everything weirder” he continued “so I decided to look at the paper, you know? I opened it and then I understood”. And he stopped and looked again to his audience — aka me — waiting for the right time to continue.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP MAKING A SCENE AND FINISH THE DAMN STORY” I screamed at him. “Ok. Ok. Hold your panties” he paused quickly and then said “He put his phone number on it, with the words ‘call me’ right under it” and looked serious at me. At this point in time, I couldn’t help myself, and started laughing out loud “HE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU?” I tried to ask him, between the tears of joy that were dripping out my face. “Why were you so angry? Because it was a dude, not a lady?” I asked him confused. “He was a full bearded dude, and no, was not that.” he said.

“He threw trash. In my face. That was so unnecessary.” he confessed “If he was so interested, he could at least give it to me, politely.I could just look at him. I had no words. “Why are you looking at me like this? You’re going to tell me that you would enjoy if some guy or girl, throws a paper ball at you?” He paused, and we both stood in silence until I asked “Are you going to call him?” And started to laugh all over again. “ The hell I am! I ripped the damn paper” he answered angrily. “My point is: he wasn’t polite.

Are you still mad that he had an amazing beard, aren’t you?” I asked while I sat on his lap and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Yeah, kinda…”.

So, I decided to tell you this story to make a really basic point: be polite when you decide to give your number to someone, right? It’s amazing to have a positive attitude and go for what you want. I told you this before, and I’m going to tell you again “love makes life always better, but you have to be open to it.” So go ahead, and throw your love to the world. But please, not in the face.

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