When love is everywhere

Do you believe in love? That one that makes life feel so beautiful and so worth living? Especially if you have someone to give it to. Well, I do. But don’t get me wrong, life is beautiful anyway, even if you don’t have someone special by your side. Nevertheless, what I’m trying to say is: when you are open to find love, things get a lot more fun and exciting. Any ride on the bus, subway or walk on the street opens up a window to all kinds of possibilities.

A friend of mine always says that I have the “ability to fall in love very easily”. And you know what? I agree with him. Unlike me, he has a hard time falling in love as many times as I do. And as a consequence, he suffers more than me when he actually does.

My latest platonic love has been around me, even before I begin to notice it. I walked by him almost every day, but I was always on the phone, looking for my keys or talking to someone else. I could hear him, but I didn’t feel him. Until one night. I think my subconscious always knew he was there, because that night as I walked through the subway station, I heard a song and immediately I remembered his figure.

At this point, I can imagine you thinking “who the hell is this guy?”, am I right? Ok. I will tell you. I, affectionately, call him “the subway’s musician”. Yep. That’s how easy I fall in love with other people. And sometimes, like this particular case, it’s not even romantic or anything, I just love to see him there. Actually, I just love the idea of him. I love what I imagined. I also love to have something to wait for when I get home.

At first I just looked at him, while he politely nodded. And we repeated this kind of ritual of ours, for nights. In the beginning he almost didn’t look up from his guitar, some nights after, he started staring at me and smiling. One day, I think almost a month after that, he said “good night”. Then, every night became exciting because I never knew if he was going to be there or not. — And that is what I love the most about it.

One of these days, this friend of mine, that I was telling you about earlier, came to visit me. And when we arrived at the station, we saw him leaving his customary spot. He walked by us and said “hey, how are you? Have a nice week!” and smiled. — How cute was that? It’s hard to find people here that smiles back to you, and I love that he does that.

I feel like we already know each other, even though the only conversation we usually have is “Hey, how are you?”. When he sees me, at the beginning of the corridor that leads towards him, he smiles. And it’s so simple and honest, that makes me happy, and despite having had a very difficult or upsetting day, seeing that smile makes at least my night better. Which is enough for me.

I haven’t talked properly with him yet, but when I do, I’ll come back to tell you all about it.

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