I miss you everyday

  • I’ve told you that you’re my first and you are the one. Know that I am always proud and thankful that you are………
You’re the first one who made me understand the definition of a truest love.
You’re the first one who taught me to open the door again in order for me to love and be loved.
You’re the first and only one who coated the hole in my heart. 
You’re the first one who took my first kiss.
You’re the first one whom I’ve shared my bed with. 
You’re the first one I called when I am drowning.
You’re the first one I think of daily before I sleep and awake. 
You’re the one I’ve prayed for so long and given to me by the Almighty God. (Lucky Me)
You’re the one I want to be my husband and the father of my kids in the future. 
You’re my love, my life, my happiness, my lucky charm and my blossom.
  • I always wanted to be whole and happy every day….. and that is being with you my happy pill.
But now, you are away from me. Not really afar but I felt like you’re a country miles away. 
There’s something missing inside. I miss a lot about you love. 
I miss your smell. 
I miss your kiss.
I miss your hug.
I miss your heartbeat (because you know I am used to hearing every tudugs) 
I miss your smiling eyes and face.
I miss the sparks, that special feeling that I’ve felt when you’re with me. 
I miss the happiness during weekends of just being with you anywhere.
I just miss my man.

I am not mad and sad. I just really miss you.
I understand why you need to be away from me for awhile. It’s for your own good, for your work, for your career growth, for your dreams and future. And I am so happy for you and continue to be amazing as you are.
Take care please because I am not there by your side.
Eat a lot, sleep well and don’t forget me.
I am just here my love. I am waiting until you come back.
Come home to me soonest and bother me my DJQ.
I love you from the bottom of my happy heart. See you real soon my love.