Balancing the real with the ideal in conversational design

A bot that’s going haywire
A bot that’s going haywire

Starting up the robot vacuum that zooms across my floor, cleaning up all manner of dirt and dog hair, is supposed to be an easy, voice-activated task. Except that it’s not.

Sometimes my voice assistant starts playing music instead. Sometimes I have to ask it to open the robot’s app before I can start the vacuum. Sometimes it simply lights up and then flickers out like an old streetlamp.

If you haven’t had a dissatisfying experience with a bot yet, you probably just haven’t used enough bots. I should know: I’m a conversational user experience (CUX) designer.

As designers, we’ve…

An ode to getting things wrong in UX writing

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Imagine you want to text a coworker that you picked up a cup of coffee for them at their favorite shop, but it’s getting cold, so you’d like to meet up with them in the next 15 minutes. How would you say that in five words? That’s kind of what UX writing is like: choosing just a few words to describe something when you could easily use 30.

There’s a strong relationship between perfectionism and UX writing — and for good reason. Choosing those words is something we writers obsess over. Which is clearer: remove or delete? …

Stephanie Blucker

Writer. Runner. Seattleite. Coffee vessel. Conversational UI/UX writer at Microsoft. MS student, Human Centered Design & Engineering. Views by me.

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