And Then

You held my hand
And kissed it
Beneath the artificial glow of our cinematic solstice
You were real

Afraid to dive, afraid to jump
I lay crumpled like the dejected debris I felt I had become
And then you held my hand
And then you touched my heart
And then I felt I had breath.
And then I felt I could be.

We checkerboard tripped across power ballads and power plays
Afraid to concede just how much I was falling flightless forward into you
I forgot how the pain could disappear
As quickly as it would come back
Without you
With you.

You hold my hand and touch my heart
Beneath the glow once more of our tempered youth
A screen between us, the silver glow of our uncertain paths
Casting wayward shadows on our lovers wiles

And all the while you hold my hand
You touch my heart
You let me breathe
Behind the fading glimmer of a once upon a time yesteryear
Where a dancing glow of a past I once knew
Melted in our embrace.

And then you held my hand.
And then you touched my heart.
And then.

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