Of everything we have studied this semester in Media Analysis, the one thing that really stands out to me was when we did the Demographic Viewings Unit. I really enjoyed watching different shows everyday and filling out our packet about how different people are portrayed in our society. Before this unit I never paid attention to how different people based on their ethnicity, class, gender were portrayed and were treated in certain tv shows. Most of the TV shows and episodes we watched I genuinely enjoyed so it would keep me very interested in the class.

My big take away from Media Analysis was definitely learning how the media portrays our society. It really opened my eyes to see how much the media affects the way we think. Another take away I have from this class was during the Advertising Unit I learned how to create an Ad and all of the little things that factor into making an Ad that is effective and appealing to the consumers.

My preconceived notions of Media Analysis before taking this class was that it was an easy, blow off class because I have had a couple friends who are older than me who have taken it before or heard about the class and told me it was a blow off class. But in reality, Media Analysis is not a blow off class!! There are several assignments, essays, and projects you are constantly doing so whoever started the saying of media being an “easy A” class is wrong!!

Overall, Media Analysis has taught me a lot about the media and how it effects our everyday lives greatly. Technology and the media improves more and more everyday so it’s important people take Media Analysis and learn more about it.

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