The Bridget Effect

After twelve years of waiting, last night I watched the latest instalment of the Bridget Jones series; Bridget Jones’ Baby.

I have always loved these films, they give me a real sense of empowerment and restore my faith in romance, and men. But after watching the new film, it has me questioning that faith.

Bridget always lays it all on the line for the man she loves, whoever it may be that week, and she’s never left rejected. Or if she is, it’s only for a brief amount of time until someone comes running in the middle of the night in pouring rain to proclaim their undying love for her.

Would it really be like that for the rest of us though? Maybe there are rare occurrences, but overall the odds are against us.

I can pretty much guarantee if I pulled a Bridget Jones and turned up on someone’s doorstep, and expressed my feelings in true Bridget fashion, they’d probably laugh and close the door in my face.

For the first time after watching one of these films, instead of being left feeling empowered, I felt slightly more bitter.

Where is my Mark Darcy? I’m not too picky so I’d settle for a Daniel Cleaver instead. If we’re all being honest though we’d all prefer a Mark Darcy. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have someone run through the rain to my house to tell me that they cannot possibly go another day without me in their life. Okay, maybe that is too much to ask; but the guys on Tinder just aren’t cutting it.

Come on Mr Darcy, show yourself.