Psalm 46:1

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” I chose this verse today, as I needed a bit more of a push to trust in his decisions for my path. God is our help no matter what the situation may be, he will always be by our side helping us conquer whatever it may be that is beating us down. The Lord is always near to give us a helping hand and is the best help that anyone can ask for. Not everything is going to go our way, and sometimes God will test us in order to strengthen us for future events. He knows that while he is trying to strengthen one it could be very difficult for them, and therefore will be there to help them when it gets hard. The only way for the Lord to be able to help you is if you turn to him asking for a helping hand. I’ve been told that He enjoys listening to you vent, and hearing about what is going on, I’ve also been told that it is okay to ask for help or luck and such. Without asking you will never receive. For example, it’s like knocking on a door, if you don’t knock, no one will ever know to answer. This quote is perfect in reassuring us that everything will work out, and that even though we are faced with difficult times we have the strength to overcome it. Lately I have been realizing that my problems may be difficult for me to overcome, whereas they may be easier for someone else and vice-versa. This doesn’t mean that my problems are not worthy of God’s help. I hope that everyone understands that regardless of the degree of what type of pain or suffering you may be feeling, it is all right to turn to God for a helping hand. He is our safety and will always protect his children.