Final Year Fever — Struggles Of A College Graduate

Sometimes, I wonder to myself --Is this the Final Year Everyone is Stressing to get to?

Truthfully, final year happens to be one of the most stressful moments in school. You lose your sense of being social (not that I’m so social), you tend to lose a touch of reality, everything you do, tends to stop and all your focus is given to some not so needed factor that will/won’t add much value to your existence.

I am a student of Rivers State University (RSU) in Nigeria, Africa who is suppose to be leaving the prestigious college this year. Getting to final year was something I’ve always craved for but man, does the stress which comes along with it overwhelm you? Most definitely.

I remember vividly well when I just got into University. It still feels like yesterday filled with so many long activities. There were those who were really excited to see the four corners of the university.... the hunger to attend lectures (yes! I did crave for lectures), those who were dragsters of front seat literally, those who wanted so much to be noticed by lectures, those who were lectures favorite right from the onset and those who never came to class but would suddenly appear during examination.

Oh boy, There were days when it was so tough on me. I remember when I had an accident when I was suppose to be writing my first exams (yr 1). I just couldn't believe that was happening to me. Just when I was starting out and then, boom!! Shit happened. I remember all the moments good and bad.. All of them! Arrghh!!!!!!!

Other years in school literally moved so fast.. I still can't recall how it all went by so quickly. I was in final year, finally at that point where I could finally breathe but the air wasn't just available. I practically lost all my flesh, was looking dehydrated, had some emotional setbacks but in all essence, I did grow... Mentally, emotionally, physically, and business wise.

I feel like am straying away from the topic here.

Okay, after the whole final year first semester and project seminar wahala, we finally got to second semester #TheYearOfStressAndTension

We were assigned supervisors who would invigilate our work. I could type a whole epistle about my supervisor but let me not bore you with all of that. In summary, my supervisor was/is not an easy person to relate with, he was/is not easily approachable and he was not a patient man. He wouldn’t want to take his time to access your work and make corrections where necessary but would want you to bring in a perfect work. I practically wasted thousands of Naira on typing and photocopying some shitty thing called project. It drained me so bad that my collar bones were screaming from my top anytime I wore an off shoulder dress. I remember when it was the official final day for signing and submission of project works. I left my house by 9am, went to a friend’s hostel where printing price was a bit fair and did all the necessary correction, printed and left there by 2pm.

I headed straight to my supervisor's office, with hopes and excitement that I've finished the whole thing only to have him still make corrections on some things that wasn't relevant. I felt like crying there but I held myself back and the worst part of it all was that, it was raining that day. With all the hype and fear that the deadline was that day, I walked in the rain to get a cab to a cyber cafe outside school. I was determined to submit my work and get him to sign. After spending about an hour at the cafe, I went back to school to see him. This was around 4:56pm. I hadn't eaten anything not even had a sip of water. On getting to his office, he was having a chat with some girl and I saw my Course mate who he hasn't signed for too. Hope was immediately restored back and I immediately gave myself a silent prep talk.

All the hope and encouragement literally flew out the window when I saw how he embarrassed him in front of the girl and me. It got to my turn and I said a silent prayer to God... seemed like God had his ears on lock down that evening coz I was sent back to do more corrections. Corrections that were not needed!!!!!

At these point, I was furious. In my head, I was ready to slap some sense into him! No joke. Why would someone make another human go through so much stress ? What was so hard for him to just chill and take his time to make all the necessary corrections!!! I could feel my voice cracking and I was on the verge of breaking down and wailing but your girl was/is not into loosing it in front of people who wants that from you.

I left his office drained.. mentally, physically, emotionally... I was in need of a big hug and someone to tell me it was alright. I had to stop at the staircase, shed a little tears, gave myself another prep talk and headed home.

On my way home, I felt like getting snacks to eat but I wasn't having it. I had no appetite, I was wet all over, my sandals at that point was wearing out, my hair was all soggy and I felt like a bag of dirt. Sitting down at the back of the cab, i had so many things running through my head. The headlight of those thoughts was me wishing some evil thing for my supervisor..hahaha...... I tell you all, the hype and happiness about getting into college is practically not enough compared to the stress and tension you'll go through. I don't know if this is employed in all schools or if its just happening here (Nigeria).

On getting home, my ever loving mom was around and I got the hug I was craving for. I completely broke down, cried my eyes out and she comforted me. I explained everything to her and we found a solution to the matter(story for another day). I remember going into my room and wanting to talk with someone else apart from my mom. I rang my boyfriend and unfortunately he was already crashing (Time zone thing). I called some of my friends who had already gone through some shit (project) like this and I was reassured immediately. I told myself "Nneka , you're way bigger than all of these." My singing stomach reminded me I hadn't fed my worms all day. I remember downing two plates of hot rice and beans all the while telling myself not to stress too much and just let myself breathe.

Taking the night off (yea, working on my project felt like I was writing some book to be published), I decided to rest and sleep. The next day being a Saturday, I managed to edit and make some corrections and went out to receive some fresh air. Grateful I had with me, my younger brother who always cracks me up. We decided to go buy a swim suit because I had an intention of getting the ongoing Mbgn form. I was really disappointed that there was no place I could get a swim suit even at the Port Harcourt Mall. I feel like I have to make a post about how Rivers State needs to develop on all angle not just politically. Still, I was grateful for that outing. Although, my mission was not accomplished.

I went back to his office the next week (Monday), he approved the work and I submitted to the project coordinator. Little did I know my tension was half eased. Entirely grateful to him though, he was a really tough nut to crack but it was so worth it.

The next day being a Tuesday, defense was suppose to commence by 9am but was delayed and later started by 11:30am. On a norm, I personally felt like a list was suppose to be published in other for students to know when he/she was going to defend. No list was published, every single person was unsure if they were next and you could see smoke oozing out of people's head. People who were lucky enough, were called in and defended that day. The not so lucky ones were asked to come back the following day. On top of the whole stress and procedure of the day and week before, I still didn't present. Damn! I wasted my makeup, fancy clothe, shoe and transport fare. Producing a list would have eradicated this whole wahala. The last people were called in by past 5 in the evening. A whole day wasted!

To cut the whole story short, I finally got to present the second day of defense. No power point needed, no evidence of the system I designed and implemented was seen by the external invigilator and on some side note, I was relieved to some extent because I don't need no other stress at that point. The whole defense charade didn't even take up to 2mins like I practically stressed myself for 6months to just get some grade in 2mins.

I tell you all the stress and hype about final year wasn’t worth it. If you are not strong enough, it might break you. I give thanks to God and everyone who supported me in some kinda way.. little or big. It was a pleasure knowing and talking to every single soul. Sitting in my room typing this mess, I feel relieved and also thankful for this experience. It was a rocky ride but in all I made my way through.

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