How to Get a Job Interview in 5 Steps?

Why don’t you have any responses after sending cover letters and résumés?

It is difficult to reach the interview stage on a recruitment process.

“Recruiters spend about 6 seconds before they make the initial “fit/no fit” decision. That means prioritizing information is essential.” ― Will Evans for TheLadder

That is why I will give you my personal tips, to help you get the interview and achieve your dream job.

1. Be Bold

In my perspective, the most important point is to be bold.

Try new approaches to separate yourself from the crowd. You can, for example, make your résumé as a video. Record you with your smartphone, upload it and send the link to the recruiter. Don’t underestimated the power of a video.

“Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. […] When we read something, we are actively involved in processing the information in front us. Our cognitive processors are working hard. But while reading is all about thinking, video is better at getting us to feel.”
― Liraz Margalit, Ph.D., for

Why don’t you send your résumé by post? Yes, it can work! Sometimes it’s better to have a paper document in your hands instead of a PDF in your computer.

2. Be Pro-Active

Why don’t you have any responses from your application? It’s probably because no-one is reading your documents.

Usually recruiters receive huge amounts of applications.

You should send your CV again. For your email style, try a different format.

It’s not about spamming the recruiter’s mailbox but about making yourself more visible. After a couple of days (between 3 and 5) you shouldn’t hesitate to follow up and send a courteous email informing that you have already sent your application.

You will have more chances to be seen. It can also justify your motivation for the position.

Other advice, use your contacts! I can assure you that it works. Your cousin, you neighbour, or even a friend of a friend work in the company you covet? Why don’t you tell them your motivation and enthusiasm? They probably can help you, and they will be glad to do it! With their help you can be at the top of the resume stack or they will give you the recruiter’s direct email.

3. Let’s Tune with Digital :-)

Let’s talk about social media. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If no, create one. According to Craig Smith (, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to get candidates. It would be unfortunate for you to miss out on these potential opportunities! If you already have an account, you should update it with the latest information. Up to date profiles are 18 times more likely to be found in searches by recruiters.

If you use Facebook, be careful of your privacy settings. Especially if you used to post pictures of you partying. You should change your privacy settings and set these so only your friends can see.

If your Twitter account is professional focus, you can share media that you find interesting. It can be done on LinkedIn too. If recruiters are on these platforms, you will be seen as a curious and active person. I have a friend who received a job offer on Twitter. Anything can happen!

4. Design your Resume

The content of your résumé should be synthesis in a way that it targets the job offer. Fair enough, you already know that. The design doesn’t have to be neglected too! You probably think that it is not the most important and you’re true (except if you’re working as an artist, web designer…). But, each detail counts.

An easy-reading résumé, with space and clearness is always better than one text-block A4 page.

Why not spend an evening to think about your design? Get ideas from the internet! Microsoft Word has some templates that can help you too. Just keep in mind that you need to find a balance. If you reach Word limits, I advise you to try the Illustrator/Photoshop combo from Adobe. Their features will let you organise your structure easily and create icons. Use for more icons (it’s free for personal use). It’s a huge icon database.

How about adding a picture on your résumé? There are 2 options: ask a professional or take it home. Smartphones can now take high quality pictures. Wear a nice shirt and stand up in front of a plain background in a bright room. Ask someone to take the picture (you really want a selfie on your résumé?).

5. Enhance your Cover Letter

Make it clear. You are made for that job and not another one. The purpose of this letter is to convince.

You should respond to:

  • Why you best fit to the job?
  • Why this company?
  • What have you accomplished and/or which experience you had that will be useful for the job?

Within 3 paragraphs you could express yourself clearly.

Don’t forget to add a next step such as “ I will contact you next week in the hope that that we can arrange an interview.”


With all this advice, you should get the interview. Always stay polite. Show everyone you are passionate about the job.

Show them the stars in your eyes.

I guarantee it will work!

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