Reading this sad commentary, I reflect that while I am no student of history — at least compared to…
Byron Allen Black

Douglas MacArthur.. My father was in Manila WWII . DM’s property holdings were never “cleared” out by American bombs. The Japanese used them for cover to pick off American Infantry. Later he was stationed in Southeast Asia awaiting the call to invade the Japanese mainland as an MP. The bombs were dropped and the troops waited to return to the west coast. There were rumors that the USA had lost the war and the waiting involved what waiting always does. MPs were busy and DM’s orders to keep the troops “under control” involved the unspeakable (if necessary orders that thank g-d never had to be followed)

My father eventually made his way home to the East Coast. He wanted to join the police force before the war but his experiences in Southeast Asia as a MP left a bad taste in his mouth. My Grand Mother had three pictures in the living room. FDR on the right my father in uniform in the middle and Douglas MacArthur’s on the left. My father never had the heart to tell his mother the truth. He just smiled and left the memorial as it was…but it bother him as I later found out.