I like to think that trout exist to confound us, Mother Earth’s messengers saying, You’re not all…
Mike Essig

haha..knowing where they will be is only 10% of the game. They seem to have ESP when you actually try to catch them. Salamanders were the best live bait..Bookies couldn’t’ resist the temptation. Turning over rocks in piney woods you can always find them.

I was pretty much a lone wolf when I was younger. I spent hours in the wooded area around where I lived exploring and almost never ran into anything but the wildlife. I thought of it as my own personal place. I actually avoided contact with other people that entered my space. I could tell when people and predators were close by the birds and smaller animals calls and actions. I could tell when the game warden was within 400-500 yards and walk off in the other direction or climb a tree. The land was mostly watershed.

Once I found a net that crossed the reservoir and thought it was poachers only to find out it was put in by the state to look for invasive species. They could have asked me ..and yes carp had entered the system and had to be “purged” because they would have contaminated the water supply. Normally the bass would have prevented the carp from overwhelming the reservoir but the year before they had pumped out to a very low level to keep the lake that was used for water supply full. The bass population was decimated and the carp took over. The next few years after the purge they restocked bass and pickerel and initiated a “ fishing season” to put a natural balance back into the system.

There is an interesting story about how the reservoir was created and the immigrants who actually hand dug swamp land and used the soil for local farm land. I’ll save it for another day.

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