This is a huge problem with ebooks, too, which I think people experience more as “packaged web…
Jack Preston King

I came here to medium because my son starting working for them. What I like to do is gain perspective from viewpoints that are not my own and comment in discussion when I feel I have something to add to a viewpoint that is like my own but from a slightly different angle. Maybe at some point publish once I get my feet wet.

I just got laid off at age 63 1/2 and have some down time for the first time in 48 years. It’s been awhile since I wrote anything that was not education or work related. A paid monthly would not send me away.

In my youth I was “weird steve from the library”. I was there from the end of school till they closed. I held court quietly and sent others to books. Life before the internet. My future employment involved the same type of enabling to some degree or another.

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