It is convenient that Co2 doesn’t have such a large effect on climate.
John the TIB

It doesn’t when it is sequestered. When it gets released from sequestration unnaturally well then it’s a problem. What goes into the atmosphere stays there naturally for about 100 years. If we release we must also sequester otherwise things get messy. If you look at climate models that have been created, ( even if you don’t believe it’s a problem ) then those who created the models say in not so many words that the bank is already broken. Their research says that if we go past 300–350 ppm the ball is rolling down hill and releasing CH4 ( that’s a bigger problem ) and stopping fossil fuels is not going to stop the ball ( remember 100 yr natural sequestration ).

Logically then we must reverse engineer natural sequestration and do it in a way that creates stuff, makes money, creates food, increases productivity and generally makes peoples lives better in the short term. People will not get on board if all they get is doomsday warnings. History of human behavior makes that abundantly clear. So instead of more proof/counter proof nonsense and resources (intellectual and monetary) being pumped into a debate that will never be reconciled (people being people and all) we need some out of the box critical thinking to solve the problem. If the models/science is bad then that process will create something useful that we don’t even realize we need yet (that is historically proven). What is being done now is an attempt to predict the future and scare people straight. There are people who just by there nature will sell snake oil as the solution because predicting the future is historically inaccurate. It could be a win-win if done correctly. I would look at solutions to sequester Carbon with the above restrictions because that’s what I “believe” will push people further.

Put on your thing cap and just for the hell of it think of some ways it could be done. Who knows what technological leaps can be made in the just doing of it. I can think of goals we humans have had and surprise tools that wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t tried to reach them. So can you I bet.

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